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Spartak Stadium

Вместимость: 43298 Город: Москва Страна: Россия Российский Флаг

Matches at this stadium Spartak Stadium

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Otkrytie Arena was built in 2014 in the North Western part of Moscow. It is the home stadium of the famous Spartak Moscow football club. It is also one of the official stadiums of the Russia National Football Team, along with Luzhniki in Moscow.

Besides football matches Otkrytie Arena also hosts concerts and other large events. But the most anticipated event to take place at this stadium is the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Thousands of people from around the world are going to convene to this stadium to watch football.

Tickets to the 2017 Confederations Cup can be bought on our website. Ticket sales have started in November. Confederations Cup ticket holders will also be granted visa-free entry to Russia - a great opportunity to not only see world class football, but to see Moscow and Russia.

Otkritiye Arena is located in the north west part of Moscow, on the grounds of a now defunct Tushino airfield. It is the same grounds and airfield that hosted the world famous Metallica concert in 1991. More recently, Incubus and other stars performed here too, only this time at this arena.

The stadium seats 45,360 people. Though the official name is "Otkrytie Arena," the stadium will be called "Spartak Stadium" during the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup. Right near the stadium is the Spartak metro station, which makes the stadium easy to get to.

Otkrytie Arena photographs

The original design of the stadium was developed by AECOM and Dexter Moren Associates.

Otkrytie arena

The stadium was carefully designed so that the football field can be viewed unobstructed from any part of the arena.

All the seats are grouped into zones. You can see the stadium seating plan below, which will help when ordering ticktets to the 2017 FIFA Confederations cup.

Otkrytie arena seating plan

Like we mentioned above, Confederations cup ticket holders will have visa-free entry into Russia. This is a great opportunity to see Moscow. Make sure to take a picture by St. Basils Cathedral and to visit the famous Bolshoi Theater.

st. Basils Cathedral Bolshoi Theatre