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Товарищеские матчи сборной России
18:00, пт
РоссияРоссия - Бразаилия
Москва, Лужники
from 37
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18:50, вт
РоссияРоссия - Франция
Санкт-Петербург, St. Petersburg Stadium
from 30
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Билеты на матчи сборной России
18:00, чт
РоссияРоссия - Саудовская Аравия
Москва, Лужники БСА
from 367
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21:00, вт
РоссияРоссия - Египет
Санкт-Петербург, St. Petersburg Stadium
from 293
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17:00, пн
УругвайУругвай - Россия
Самара, Самара Арена
from 293
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We know how to create the best memories of the upcoming 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup. Spend an unforgettable evening with your colleagues and business partners at the football match.


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  • Souvenirs included
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We make sure your visit to the stadium will be as comfortable as possible. We have special programs for corporate clients - a premium service that will guarantee an unforgettable evening and football match at the 2017 Confederations Cup.

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Stadiums Участников чемпионата мира по футболу 2018 г. готовы принять 12 стадионов
Группы на чемпионате мира
Уругвай Уругвай000
Египет Египет000
Саудовская Аравия Саудовская Аравия000
Россия Россия000
Марокко Марокко000
Иран Иран000
Испания Испания000
Portugal Portugal000
Перу Перу000
Дания Дания000
Australia Australia000
Франция Франция000
Исландия Исландия000
Нигерия Нигерия000
Хорватия Хорватия000
Аргентина Аргентина000
Бразаилия Бразаилия000
Сербия Сербия000
Швейцария Швейцария000
Коста-Рика Коста-Рика000
Швеция Швеция000
Корея Корея000
Germany Germany000
Mexico Mexico000
Тунис Тунис000
Бельгия Бельгия000
Панама Панама000
Англия Англия000
Сенегал Сенегал000
Польша Польша000
Колумбия Колумбия000
Япония Япония000
Чемпионат Мира 2018 FIFA World Cup 2018

21-й чемпионат мира по футболу финальная часть которого пройдет в России.

с 14 июня по 15 июля 2018
Год Место проведения Финалисты Полуфиналисты
Чемпион Счет 2-е место 3-е место Счет 4-е место
1930 Уругвай Уругвай 4:2 Аргентина США Не проводился Югославия
1934 Италия Италия 2:1
(доп. время)
Чехословакия Германия 3:2 Австрия
1938 Франция Италия 4:2 Венгрия Бразилия 4:2 Швеция
1950 Бразилия Уругвай 2:1 Бразилия Швеция 3:1 Испания
1954 Швейцария ФРГ 3:2 Венгрия Австрия 3:1 Уругвай
1958 Швеция Бразилия 5:2 Швеция Франция 6:3 ФРГ
1962 Чили Бразилия 3:1 Чехословакия Чили 1:0 Югославия
1966 Англия Англия 4:2
(доп. время)
ФРГ Португалия 2:1 СССР
1970 Мексика Бразилия 4:1 Италия ФРГ 1:0 Уругвай
1974 ФРГ ФРГ 2:1 Нидерланды Польша 1:0 Бразилия
1978 Аргентина Аргентина 3:1
(доп. время)
Нидерланды Бразилия 2:1 Италия
1982 Испания Италия 3:1 ФРГ Польша 3:2 Франция
1986 Мексика Аргентина 3:2 ФРГ Франция 4:2
(доп. время)
1990 Италия ФРГ 1:0 Аргентина Италия 2:1 Англия
1994 США Бразилия 0:0
(3:2 пен.)
Италия Швеция 4:0 Болгария
1998 Франция Франция 3:0 Бразилия Хорватия 2:1 Нидерланды
2002 Корея
Бразилия 2:0 Германия Турция 3:2 Корея
2006 Германия Италия 1:1
(5:3 пен.)
Франция Германия 3:1 Португалия
2010 ЮАР Испания 1:0
(доп. время)
Нидерланды Германия 3:2 Уругвай
2014 Бразилия Германия 1:0
(доп. время)
Аргентина Нидерланды 3:0 Бразилия
2018 Россия ? ? ? ? ? ?

2017 FIFA Confederations Cup Tickets

Confederations Cup is now even closer!

The international football tournament Confederations Cup will be held in four Russian cities in 2017, so now it's even easier to attend the match of your favorite team! You can select the best football tickets without having to leave your home or workplace, and using our service you can order tickets through:

  • our Website
  • by E-mail, or
  • by Phone

After selecting the most convenient option above, you have the choice of paying by card, or paying cash to the courier who will deliver your tickets.

Кубок Конфедераций 2017

If you haven't yet decided to order with us, please allow us to list the benefits of doing so:
  • With us you will find the best combination of quality, price and service
  • We only sell official football tickets
  • In the event of any changes to your upcoming match we guarantee to minimize all inconveniences promptly and to your satisfaction
  • We ensure that ordering Corporate events for large companies is easy and cost effective
  • We provide VIP services for the most demanding clients

If you still have questions please call, and our managers will not only gladly answer, but can also provide various recommendations for a specific game and suggest the seats with the best views of the football field.

About the Tournament - The Confederations Cup

The Confederations Cup was founded with the sponsorship of FIFA in 1992. It's interesting to note that it was held and organized in Saudi Arabia as the King Fahd Cup until 1997, with two tournaments taking place during this period in 1992 and 1995.

FIFA organized the first official Confederations Cup in 1997, and this international football competition was approved and scheduled to be held every four years. Because the Confederations Cup can be visited a year before the World Cup, it became known as a kind of practice session for the bigger tournament.

Competitors who take part in the tournament include the winner of the last World Cup, the country hosting the current Confederations Cup, and the winners of the six continental championships of:

  • Europe
  • North and Central America
  • South America
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Oceania

If the World and Continental champion is the same team, then another Continental finalist will take part in Confederations Cup.

Historically, five teams have won this Cup:

  • Brazil (4 times)
  • France (2 times)
  • Argentina (1 time)
  • Mexico (1 time)
  • Denmark (1 time)

We can confidently say that Brazil's national team is the all-around champion of the Confederations Cup, they won first place standings a total of four times: in 1997, 2005, 2009, and 2013. Brazil was also the host country during the last Cup, holding matches in six cities.

We hope good luck will smile on our national team, and their first time participation in FIFA Confederations Cup will be a victory.

The Confederations Cup in Russia

Traditionally before the World Cup, a very popular international competition is held - the so called "practice tournament": the Confederations Cup. Russia was selected as the host for the Confederations Cup and also for the World Cup in 2018, and there the preparation for the competitions and the arrival of international guests from all corners of the world is in full swing already.

Matches of the eighth Confederation's Cup will be held in four cities:

  • Moscow (Otkrytiye Arena Stadium)
  • St. Petersburg (Krestovsky Stadium)
  • Kazan (Kazan Arena Stadium)
  • Sochi (Fisht Stadium)

You can attend the Confederations Cup 2017 in Russia from June 17 to July 2. Ticket sales for the Confederations Cup in Russia will start at the end of 2016, and will be available for purchase on our website.

The draw for the Cup is scheduled on November 26, 2016, and we now know the initial participants of the tournament:

  • Russian National Team (Confederations Cup organizer 2017)
  • German National Team (World Champion 2014)
  • Australian National Team (Asia Cup 2015 winner)
  • Mexican National Team (CONCACAF Gold Cup 2015 winner)
  • New Zealand National Team (OFC Nations Cup 2016).
  • Portugal National Team (European Championship 2016 winner)

You can always find a more up to date information on the Confederations Cup participants on our website.

The exact dates for all upcoming matches are not yet set, but you can plan for the scheduled games of the Russian team during the group stage of the Cup. The first match will take place on June 17 at the new Krestovsky stadium in St. Petersburg, the second match will be held at the Otkrytiye Arena Stadium in Moscow, and the third match will take place on June 24 at Kazan Arena Stadium in Kazan.

Ticket sales for the Confederations Cup 2017 start very soon, and all true fans should not miss the opportunity to choose the best football tickets on our website.


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